Anita Gregory is a character on The Conjuring 2. She is portrayed by Franka Potente.


Anita Gregory was born Anita Koshen on the 9th June 1925 in Germany. During the Second World War, she fled Germany due to the persecution of Jews. In 1954, Anita married C.C.L. Gregory, a British astronomer. He passed away on the 24th November 1962, leaving Anita widowed until her death at the age of 59 on the 24th November 1984.

Throughout The Conjuring Universe

Real-life Anita Gregory

Anita Gregory investigated the Enfield Poltergeist case, but stated it was "overrated" and believed that the girls' behaviour was "suspicious". She also stated that the girls faked some of the incidents for the benefit of reporters seeking a sensational story. Her and John Beloff came to the conclusion that Janet and Margaret were playing tricks on the investigators and that Janet was a ventriloquist. According to Gregory, a video camera in the room next door caught Janet bending spoons and attempting to bend an iron bar.



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