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Wiki-wordmark.png This article is about Annabelle Higgins. You may be looking for the doll, the film, Annabelle: Creation, Annabelle 3, Annabelle Mullins or Annabelle Wallis.

Annabelle Higgins is a character on Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation. She is portrayed by Tree O'Toole and Keira Daniels.

She is the possessed adoptive-daughter of Pete and Sharon Higgins.


Throughout The Conjuring Universe

Annabelle: Creation

Warning: The following section contains spoilers!

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Annabelle Higgins was formerly known as Janice. When she was a child, she and several other orphans went to live in a new house, run by Samuel and Esther Mullins who had lost their daughter Annabelle twelve years prior. Mrs. Mullins reveal to Sister Charlotte, the nun looking after the orphans, that they tried to use supernatural forces to speak with Annabelle again, but accidentally summoned a demon who pretended to be their deceased daughter to earn their trust.

It attacked them, and they sealed it in a doll they'd once made in memory of their daughter. However, Janice snooped around in Annabelle's old room, only to find the old doll and unleash the demon, which possesses her and causes her to attack the other orphans and kill the couple. She managed to escape and leave the doll, now empty, behind. Now controlled by the demon, she started calling herself "Annabelle" and made her way to another orphanage, where she was adopted by the Higgins family.

By the end of the film, a teenage Annabelle/Janice, who joined the Disciples of the Ram, returned with her cultist boyfriend and attacked her adoptive parents. The murder awoken their neighbors, John and Mia Form, making them to figure out what was going on, setting the entire event of Annabelle.


When she grew into her teenage years, Annabelle ran away to join an unknown group under her demonic possession, which was unknown to everyone around her. Though her parents and neighbors assumed she joined with the hippies, she actually joined a satanic cult known as the Disciples of the Ram, where she fed the demon more power and even manipulated another cultist into becoming her "boyfriend".

Two years later, Annabelle returned to her hometown with her boyfriend and broke into her parents' house. She and her boyfriend proceeded to murder her parents. The neighbors, Mia and John Form, heard the commotion and called for help, but the two killers crept into their house and attacked.

While her boyfriend attacked and stabbed the couple, including a pregnant Mia, Annabelle locked herself in the nursery and grabbed hold of the doll she had been connected to in the past, which was conveniently there for her. The police arrived and shot the boyfriend dead, then kicked down the nursery door to find that Annabelle had taken her own life and drawn a symbol in blood on the wall beside her, still holding the doll.

After her death, a drop of blood of Annabelle dropped into an eye of the doll, presumably returning the demon inside her back into it.