Can Annabelle come out to play?
— Bee

Annabelle "Bee" Mullins is a character on Annabelle: Creation and Annabelle Comes Home. She is portrayed by Samara Lee. She is the seven-year-old daughter of Samuel and Esther.


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Throughout The Conjuring Universe

Annabelle: Creation

When Annabelle died, her parents, Samuel and Esther, prayed to anything that could bring their daughter back. As a result, they didn't know that they summoned a demon, disguised as Annabelle. Then the demon wants permission into the doll. Soon, the Mullins saw Annabelle's spirit and they over joyed. But soon they realized that it wasn't their Annabelle, it was a demon, who disguised as their daughter. The demon attacks Esther, gouging her left eye out. The couple locked the cursed doll in Annabelle's closet, covering the walls in Bible pages, and blessed the household 12 years earlier.

Annabelle Comes Home

When the doll was encased in her glass case in the Warrens' Artifacts Room, she was freed and called all the evil spirits in the room, soon after the ghostly spirit of Bee, the Mullins' deceased daughter is released.



"I think she died." — Janice to Bee

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