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Bill Wilkins is the secondary antagonist on The Conjuring 2. He is portrayed by Bob Adrian.

He was 72 years old, died after he went blind and had an accident.

Bill Wilkins was an old man in life who was extremely protective over his family and his house. Bill went blind and had a hemorrhage on his chair. It is unknown what Bill was like when he was alive but as an entity he is shown to have a strong hatred towards the Hodgsons for residing in his previous home. He was shown to be vengeful, angry and loved to taunt the Hodgson children, especially Janet. However, it was soon revealed via video recordings that Bill was simply being used by the demon Valak as a way to torment Lorraine and Ed Warren. Towards the end of The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Case, Bill helped Lorraine by revealing to her information about Valak.


Throughout The Conjuring Universe

Real-life Bill Wilkins



  • "My name is Bill Wilkins and I’m seventy-two years-old." - Introducing himself to Ed via Janet
  • " I come from the grave."
  • " I went blind and had a hemorrhage. And I fell asleep and I died in the chair in the corner."
  • (laughs) "I like to hear them scream!" - Bill referencing his torment of the Hodgson children
  • "Shut up, you old cow!" - Bill shouting at Peggy Hodgson
  • "This is my home. Get out of the house!" - Bill shouting at Maurice Grosse
  • "Knock, knock" 
  • "Bill. Bill. Bill. Bill." 
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