There is something horrible happening in my house.
— Carolyn Perron in The Conjuring

Carolyn Perron is a main character on The Conjuring. She is portrayed by Lili Taylor.

She is married to Roger Perron, with whom she has five daughters named Andrea Perron, Nancy Perron, Christine Perron, Cindy Perron and April Perron.


Throughout The Conjuring Universe

The Conjuring

Carolyn seems to be Bathsheba Sherman's main target throughout the movie. She experiences things such as being bruised all over her body, (a sign of infestation) Being thrown into the cellar, etc. When Carolyn encounters Bathsheba one last time, she is seen to become possessed. Throughout the rest of the movie, Bathsheba now infests Carolyn's body, using her Telekinesis to move objects around and continue to torcher the family. Carolyn does not yet know that the demon has entered her body.

Real-life Carolyn Perron



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  • Roger Perron: Hear that?
  • Carolyn Perron: I don't hear anything.
  • Roger Perron: Exactly.
  • Carolyn Perron: Roger, this clock stopped at 3:07 and so did the one in the hallway.
  • Roger Perron: That's weird. Maybe it got knocked around in the move.
  • Carolyn Perron: What's up with Sadie?
  • Roger Perron: Yeah, I don't know what her problem is. Couldn't get her to come inside.
  • Carolyn Perron: Well, we can't leave her out there.
  • Roger Perron: She's alright, I got her on a chain.
  • [to barking dog]
  • Roger Perron: Sadie! Be quiet!
  • Carolyn Perron: There is something horrible happening in my house.
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