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  • Roger Perron: Hear that?
  • Carolyn Perron: I don't hear anything.
  • Roger Perron: Exactly.

  • Carolyn Perron: Roger, this clock stopped at 3:07 and so did the one in the hallway.
  • Roger Perron: That's weird. Maybe it got knocked around in the move.

  • Carolyn Perron: What's up with Sadie?
  • Roger Perron: Yeah, I don't know what her problem is. Couldn't get her to come inside.
  • Carolyn Perron: Well, we can't leave her out there.
  • Roger Perron: She's alright, I got her on a chain.
  • [to barking dog]
  • Roger Perron: Sadie! Be quiet!

  • Carolyn Perron: There is something horrible happening in my house.

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