Evelyn is a main character on Annabelle. She is portrayed by Alfre Woodard.


Evelyn is only seen in the movie Annabelle. She becomes a good friend to Mia Form after Mia and her family move to a new home. When Mia is trying to figure out all the stuff that's been happening lately, Evelyn helps her and suggests that what might be haunting the Forms in not a ghost, but rather, a demon. When Mia attempted to offer her soul to the demon to get Leah back, John stopped Mia and then Evelyn took Mia's place and gave her soul to the demon instead. Evelyn's sacrifice worked. The Forms got their baby back and they were able to go back to their normal lives.


Mia Form

Evelyn becomes Mia's friend, when Mia has a conversation with her while walking by Evelyn's book store. Evelyn helps Mia by jumping out of a window with the Annabelle doll sacrificing herself.


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