Janet Hodgson is the main character in The Conjuring 2. She is portrayed by Madison Wolfe.

She is the daughter of Peggy and the sister of Margaret, Johnny and Billy.

Janet is a sneaky somewhat troublesome young girl. It is shown that she often got in trouble at school along with her best friend Camila and often argued with her mother Peggy. Janet was accused by her teacher of smoking when it was Camila. She is very close to her sister, Margaret and cares deeply for her younger brother Billy and stands up for him whenever he is bullied. Janet began experiencing strange encounters from the vengeful spirit of Bill Wilkins. Bill would constantly possess Janet. It's hinted that Janet lost most of her friends after reports of the haunting were released in the press as Janet mentioned to Lorraine that she had no friends after the incidents. She became close friends with Ed and Lorraine after they were called to help with the haunting. 


Throughout The Conjuring Universe

Real-life Janet Hodgson



  • " It’s been getting worse since Mr. Grosse starting talking to you." - To Margaret
  • "How did you know you could trust the people you opened up to?" - To Lorraine
  • "No. more like it’s coming from behind me, like I’m being used" - Janet talking about Bill's possesion of her
  • "It said it wants to hurt you." 
  • "You saved us."
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