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You know what they say about breaking a swear. You go STRAIGHT TO HELL!
— Janice

Janice (later Annabelle Higgins) is the main character in Annabelle: Creation. She is portrayed by Talitha Bateman. Janice after being possessed became Annabelle Higgins.  she's the true main antagonist of the movie.

Janice was part of an orphanage owned by Sister Charlotte. She suffers from the disease polio. Janice is portrayed as a kind, sweet young girl who cares deeply about her best friend Linda. She had a longing to fit in with the other girls at the orphanage, however this was unsuccesful as they treated her differently due to her polio.  

Whilst Janice was portrayed as a sweet, trusting young girl, at times she tended to disobey orders, such as not listening to the wishes of Mr. Mullins to not step foot in Bee's room. However, shortly after Janice confessed her sins to Sister Charlotte. Janice soon began to change after being possessed by the evil sprit residing in the Mullins house. She began to attack the other girls at the orphanage and threatening Linda.  

Janice before she was possessed by Annabelle.

After the events that occurred at the Mullins house, Janice's name was changed to Annabelle and she was adopted by the Higgins family. After she grew up and joined a cult, Janice then returned to her adopted home and murdered her parents. She then broke into the home of the neighbors, Mia and John Form and stole the doll that now belonged to Mia before she commited suicide and let the Demon once again to take the doll in possession and to torment the Forms. 


Throughout The Conjuring Universe

Real-life Anita Gregory



  • "You’re the Mullin’s daughter, aren’t you?" - To the 'spirit' of Bee
  • "Sister, you always say that we can’t see God we can feel his presence. In this house I feel a different kind of presence, an evil one. It’s coming after me, because I am the weakest." - To Sister Charlotte
  • "What are you doing?" - To the 'spirit' of Bee