La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) is the main antagonist of The Curse of La Llorona (The Curse of The Weeping Woman).


La Llorona just a most beautiful woman in Mexico before. One day, a handsome man came to her village. He liked her. They were married and gave birth to two sons. But when she discovered that her husband, liked a younger woman and leaves her and his sons, she drowned her children in a stream. When the woman discovered that she had done, she finding her children, but the stream carried them away. Days later, her husband asked about his sons, but the woman weeping and said she had done. The man said his wife couldn't be with him until she find her sons. Now she spends eternity looking for her lost children, but couldn't find them. She drowned herself in the stream, and her ghostly spirit is releashed. She was called "La Llorona", which means "The Weeping Woman." She search for the children, mistaking them for her own. La Llorona finds the children, kidnapped them and kills them until The Weeping Woman could take them.

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