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In July 2017, Warner Bros. Pictures, in conjunction with James Wan, announced the "My Annabelle Creation" competition as promotion for the then-upcoming film Annabelle: Creation. Participants of the competition were to shoot a short film which would "feel like (it) could exist within the established Conjuring world", with the winning films' directors having their films made a part of the shared film universe, and winning a trip to Los Angeles to meet with David F. Sandberg, the director of the film. The entry deadline was July 27, 2017, with five separate competition winners being selected from the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Sweden and Colombia.


The winner from the United States competition was Julian Terry for his short film The Nurse. Just under 2 minutes in length and filmed over four days, the film revolves around a bandaged and temporarily blind girl named Emily (Aria Walters) who attempts to elude the eponymous Demon Nurse (Hannah Palazzi).


The winner from the United Kingdom competition was Liam Banks for his short film The Confession. Just over 2 minutes in length and filmed over one week, the film revolves around a psychologically-damaged young woman (Esmee Matthews) confiding in a priest (Charlie Clarke) regarding her terrifying encounters with supernatural entities, only to realize she never escaped.


The winner from the Mexico competition was Raùl Bribiesca for his short film What's Wrong With Mom?. Exactly 2 minutes in length and filmed in a single take, the film revolves around a father (Fabián Hurtado) and daughter (Carina Pámenes) as they're praying to God to exorcise the mother (Perla Corona) of the "Marifer", a teleporting demon possessing her.


The winner from the Sweden competition was Amanda Nilsson and Magda Lindblom for their short film Blund's Lullaby. Just over 2 minutes in length, the film was inspired by the nordic version of the Sandman, known as John Blund.


The winner from the Colombia competition was Alejandro López for his short film Innocent Souls.

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