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Nancy Perron is a main character on The Conjuring. She is portrayed by Hayley McFarland.

She is the second daughter of Roger and Carolyn, and the sister of Andrea, Christine, Cindy, and April.


Nancy is an excitable young girl who is always spending time with her sisters, mostly Christine and Cindy. When they first moved into the house, Nancy, Christine and Cindy began playing a game of hide and clap which resulted in Nancy destroying the boarded up passenge way to the cellar. Nancy was constantly blamed by Christine for pulling her feet whilst she slept, however it was soon revealed that it was in fact Bathsheba. Nancy was then later grabbed by the hair and dragged across the room by Bathsheba only to be saved by Lorraine.


  • "Shut up. It wasn't me!" - To Christine
  • "It was an accident" - To Roger when Nancy broke the passage
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