Sister Charlotte is a main character on Annabelle: Creation. She is portrayed by Stephanie Sigman.


Sister Charlotte was shown to be caring toward the orphans in her care, acting as a maternal figure for them. She was very grateful to Mullins family for taking in the orphans after their last orphanage was foreclosed. She also cared deeply for Janice since she recognized she was isolated from the other orphans because of her Polio, but regarded her as a strong willed girl.

She did not initially believe Janice's claims that there was demonic activity in their new house, but came to eventually recognize there was. In order to save Linda from being murdered by a demonic Janice, she, unable to exorcise her remorsefully asked her possessed body to forgive her as she threw rosaries on her neck and locked her in the very room the curse Annabelle doll was first discovered.

After a possessed Janice escaped the house, she was shown to be worried and remorseful about her fate, and tried to comfort a saddened Linda about Janice's disappearance, knowing the real Janice would never try to murder her surrogate family.

Throughout The Conjuring Universe

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