The Nurse is a 2017 American horror short film directed by Julian Terry. The film was written by Alexander Anderson, and produced by Terry and Anderson. The short film is set in The Conjuring Universe, and introduces a new demonic entity in the form of a nurse. The film stars Aria Walters and Hannah Palazzi, and was released on YouTube on August 16, 2017. The short film was made in four days for a contest titled "My Annabelle Creation", which it won.

The winner from the United States competition was Julian Terry for his short film The Nurse. Just under 2 minutes in length and filmed over four days, the film revolves around a bandaged and temporarily blind girl named Emily (Aria Walters) who attempts to elude the eponymous Demon Nurse (Hannah Palazzi).


The short film begins with Emily (Aria Walters), a young girl with bandages wrapped around her eyes, hearing the door to her ward opening and the scraping sound of a gurney moving. As she goes outside to investigate, holding onto her drip for balance, a strange nurse (Hannah Palazzi) approaches, whom Emily cannot see. Panicking, she gets back to her ward and hits the call button for help. The nurse appears and tells Emily in a normal voice that she can remove the bandaging. After the nurse does so, Emily turns around to see the nurse's disfigured, demonic face smiling back at her. Emily screams in terror as the film ends, leaving her fate unknown.


The Nurse - Annabelle Creation Contest Winner

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