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What's Wrong With Mom? is a 2017 Mexican horror short film directed by Raùl Bribiesca. The short film is set in The Conjuring Universe and was made for a contest titled "My Annabelle Creation", which it won.

The winner from the Mexico competition was Raùl Bribiesca for his short film What's Wrong With Mom?. Exactly 2 minutes in length and filmed in a single take, the film revolves around a father (Fabián Hurtado) and daughter (Carina Pámenes) as they're praying to God to exorcise the mother (Perla Corona) of the "Marifer", a teleporting demon possessing her.


Something is happening to mom. Her daughter starts praying for her mom's health but soon she will find out what is happening to her.


What's wrong with mom? Award Winner Horror Short Film

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